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We are in the final Stages of Development for the DNA Activation Level Two (2) CD, which will also make use of a new Music Score. This CD will compliment the the DNA Activation Level One (1) CD perfectly!

If you want to watch a very good movie on some of the science associated with DNA Activation, I highly suggest watching "What the BLEEP do we know?" Don't let it's title fool you. The main reason that we recommend this movie is that it gives you an introduction to the possibilities of Quantum Mechanics, in an easily digetsible fashion. One of the main scientists in the movie, Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, is the main go-to Scientist for the Dicovery Channel, and is a noted author of many books on Quantum Mechanics.

Please note:
Due to the fact that this movie has Ramtha in it, and due to the criticism of J. Z. Knight/Ramtha, we feel that you should know that she is the Blonde Lady in the Commentary sections of the movie. She does not have a Ph. D., and she is a channeler that "Supposedly" channels an Atlantean Warrior, Ramtha, From 35,000 years ago. We cannot vouch as to the integrity of her, and we cannot say that she is truly channeling anyone as we have not tested it ourselves. We feel that the Quantum Mechanics of the movie are not detracted from because of her presence. The message of the movie is still valid, even if others would allow one "Negative" thing discredit everything in existence. This is said here for those that cannot see the forest of reality for it's trees. In a Quantum Universe of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, *Anything* is possible, even if it's not highly probable.

Our stance on Channeling:
We admit that it's a possibility, and like most Naturalists, will state that it's outside of our specialized area of expertise. If you can channel, note this is not a statement against you, but since we don't, we take a pragmatic view and state that anything said by a channeler, in a state of trance should be evaluated with Discernment for Integrity. Put simply, if it holds up in the light of common sense - okay; if not, then you decide whether or not to accept it.

Our DNA Activation CD's are all the encoded information needed to help you manifest the Real You. Our Site has changed some, so take your time and look around. I am sure that you'll find all of your answers! Also, be sure to sign up for the FREE ONLINE "DNA Activation E-Book." [Currently under a re-write, and is temporarily disabled.]

Prologue on DNA Activation?

Before we go in depth, please ponder these quotes while you read.

"The information carrying capacity of the DNA molecule is 45 trillion times that of our most advanced super chips. [cpu's]" - Dr. Steven Myers.[1]

"Human DNA is like a software program, only much more complex than any that we have been able to devise." - Bill Gates.

What would your life be like if you realized that you had dormant abilities, mental, psychic, or otherwise just waiting for you to use them? And these abilities made you seem "superhuman" compared to those around you. You only use at most 10% of your brain at any given time, so it stands to reason that you only use 10% of your body's abilities also.

"The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters,) mind's influence on weather patterns and much more." - von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf (sic) [2]

"You are either bullish/fearless or bearish/fearful about your reality,and your attitude about yourself is what will create your success or failure at this or any other life endeavor!" - Mr. Gerald O'Donnell [3]

That once you activated or turned on these abilities...
You could easily manifest anything you needed/desired in your life.
Your ideal physically healthy body,
Become immune to all forms of disease,
Live a care-free life,
Even go as far as to STOP or REVERSE the Aging Process.

"When in a classroom, listen to other's questions and the answers to those questions, then ask the unasked question." - Mychieal.

"In the end, all we really have is our health. How are you feeling today?" - Unknown

How is your health? Is it the way that you've always wanted? Or, Like the rest of us, DO YOU WANT MORE? More from this life, more from yourself? More For YOURSELF? DNA Activation is the answer. The question is, "Are you Ready to become the 'REAL YOU'?"

If you realized that you could actually change the blueprint of your life, would you do it? The blueprint of your DNA, once activated enables you to expand to your full potential, provide access to your subconscious and super-conscious minds, become "psychically" intuitive, and know instantly what your true purpose is in this lifetime. Unleash the unlimited potential within you, that is lying dormant just waiting to be activated!

"What does it mean to Activate my DNA?
Activating your / my DNA[4] is about awakening dormant potentials and tapping into the multidimensional aspects of our human self that have been asleep, waiting for the right codes to unlock the doors. This is art, intent and wondrous exploration of the highest order. It is fully actualized through the profound embrace of heartfelt feeling and a lifelong commitment to the Sacred Path. It is about fully becoming a spiritual being of Light embodying a human form."
- ShapeShifter [5]

Are you Ready for More out of life?

Now there is a convenient process which will allow you to do all these things and more. That process is called DNA Activation. (Results may vary.)

DNA and DNA Activation Synopsis.
Your genes are encoded in the form of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid,) and contain hereditary information. A gene is located in a specific position in the chromosome, which is located in a cell's nucleus. RNA (Ribonucleic acid) is used for the transcription of genetic information. (mRNA and RNA Polymerase, are used to form Proteins and Enzymes.) In the average Human Being, 2-5% of the genetic code is used for maintaining the Physical form of the person, and the remainder, the "Junk DNA" or the Noncoding DNA has "no known biological function." "However, many types of noncoding DNA sequences do have known biological functions, including the transcriptional and translational regulation of protein-coding sequences. Other noncoding sequences have likely, but as-yet undetermined, functions (this is inferred from high levels of homology and conservation seen in sequences that do not encode proteins but, nonetheless, appear to be under heavy selective pressure)." - From Wikipedia, "Noncoding DNA" entry. Note that it's used for transcription, a Library of useful coding information for the Human Form, and has been (mostly) dormant for most of the species existence. It is in here that we find the beginnings of DNA activations. By using Neural Plasticity, and Epigenetic control (via cellular communication) a person can begin to unlock specific areas of their own DNA Blueprint. This method is called Cellular DNA Activation. This activation spreads throughout the entire body, activating the cells within on a genetic level. These activations do not alter the DNA, but allow the average person to use what they already have to it's fullest potential. "It's you -- Only a better you!" - Unknown.

DNA, The Soul, and DNA Activation.
The genes contained in the body has all the information of humankind since it was first incarnated on this planet. This means a lot of civilization cycles, A lot of stored information and a lot of lifetimes of knowledge waiting to be accessed.

According to Datre, when the soul decides to incarnate, the soul chooses parents with the "gene pool" that has the qualities that it wishes to express in a particular life. If the soul that wishes to incarnate has a brilliant musician waiting inside, it will look for that and make it dominant in the physical personality. Usually, the personality will choose to incarnate with some flaws. The flaws will be used to set the challenging patterns to be overcome during the current lifetime. Someone with great intelligence in one lifetime may choose to incarnate with poor intelligence for its own learning in the next lifetime. But the potential for great intelligence is still in the genes, it is simply not dominant or actively expressed. Now, you should know that you have a lot of latent abilities that you don't use. If you use the proper meditation you can explore your probable selves and see what these latent abilities that you have are. This meditation will certainly enrich your experience as a human being. [Note, this is also the standard Buddhist mindset on incarnating humans.]

DNA Reprogramming DNA Recoding and DNA Restranding.
DNA reprogramming is the process of using sound energy to make some pattern dominant in your DNA and to manifest certain qualities. Typically, one will use DNA reprogramming to accelerate spiritual growth, lose weight, reverse aging, change physical features, increased vitality, more energy, etc. There are countless possibilities. Also, DNA Activation will usually manifest a "Spontaneous Healing" during the time that it is clearing out the toxins from your body. DNA reprogramming is an umbrella term for DNA Restranding and/or DNA Recoding. All three of these terms are used interchangeably by DNA Activators.

DNA Activation.
DNA activation is an evolutionary process to activate the dormant strands of the DNA. Once the DNA is activated the human being can work with more life force or Ki/Chi energy. Therefore one has a greater potential for anything in the realm of psychic, intuitive and creative. Any expression of creativity, from reality to artwork or even having more fun in life will be expressed more completely.

Gene Synthesis.
Less glamorous than 12 strand DNA activation, gene synthesis is what scientists use to produce an artificial gene. According to researcher Xiaolian Gao of the University of Houston "Synthetic genes are like a box of Lego building blocks." For most scientists, synthetic genes present certain advantage such as safer use in gene therapy, production of large non-natural molecules, and possibilities to produce synthetic antibodies.

Some researchers are working on a new technology that make use of digital technology similar to what is used with microprocessor chips. This technology synthesizes pools of Oligonucleotides on programmable chips [Oligonucleotides are short sequences of nucleotides linked together (RNA or DNA), typically with twenty or fewer base pairs - Wikipedia].

Researchers hope to reduce their costs and increase their precision with the use of programmable chips. In the future, even the mainstream researchers will be able to improve the human bodies with such technologies as Gene synthesis.

DNA Activation as Self Help or Self Improvement.

DNA Activation, utilizes a process called "Manifesting Abundance." The ability to manifest your inner reality into your outer reality, is called the "Inner Mirror Reflection." This "reflection" allows you to easily view your thoughts and your beliefs in a Self Help and Self Improving fashion. Imagine the possibilities for Self improvement, if you can see these beliefs painted on the "Canvas of Reality." With a little experimentation, you learn how to change these beliefs, without the need of Self Help Books, Affirmations, or even another Self Improvement Guide. And the best part about it is, You Control It. It manifests at your level, your development, and your ability to handle or control it. Also, you have the ability to change any part of it that you do not like or agree with. I am sure that this will bring a whole new light to Self Help and Self Esteem, AND the improvement of these qualities when you realize that you are indeed the "Master of the Universe" (well, your universe at least.) Want to know more? Click the Picture below to enter our site, and start learning how today!

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